Welcome to the South Carolina Special Purpose District website.  Our association provides information and critical support services to Special Purpose Districts across the state by offering educational programs; opportunities to advance professionalism and capabilities; legislative and regulatory monitoring; and coordination for efficiency. Members of our association educate citizens and elected officials about the state's SPDs by actively engaging in the legislative process and being involved in the community. As President, I work with our Board of Directors to ensure all of our members grow professionally through networking opportunities and developing new skills through educational programs. Our association’s goal is to ensure all SPDs have the resources and knowledge to operate their critical infrastructures and to adapt to new ideas and technology in a rapidly changing world.

Whether you are a SPD or business that is essential to SPDs, there are many ways you would benefit as a member of the SCSPD. As a member, you will have access to education and specialized training, district-to-district networking, and legislative advocacy.

If I can ever be of assistance, please reach out to me or our association staff at any time. Thank you for visiting our website.


Christie Holderness